Four starters the Miami Marlins could target this offseason

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John Lackey, RHP

The most recognizable name on this list. Over the course of a 15-year career, John Lackey has appeared in every kind of pressure cooker situation you can imagine. He’s been to the World Series with three different teams, most recently with the curse-busting Cubs.

Lackey will have a few offers on the table if he wants them. The market won’t be scorching hot for him the way it might have been a few years ago, though. If the Marlins choose to go after him, it’ll be on as short a deal as possible

Expect a one year contract wherever he goes. He’ll be 39 by the time the 2017 season rolls around. Wth his trophy case full, and little else to prove in the game, he might decide to call it a career if he doesn’t get the right deal from the right team.

Lackey will likely only sign with a team that he believes has a realistic chance of making the postseason and winning a World Series. If the Marlins flounder to end the 2017 season, you can cross this name off the list.

Lackey has proven he can still be an effective Major League pitcher, though not a dominant one. He’s the veteran presence the team will be lacking with Volquez on the DL all of next season.