Message to ownership from a Miami Marlins fan

MIAMI, FL - MARCH 27: A general view of the new Marlins logo in the outfield during 2019 Workout Day at Marlins Park on March 27, 2019 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
MIAMI, FL - MARCH 27: A general view of the new Marlins logo in the outfield during 2019 Workout Day at Marlins Park on March 27, 2019 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

I’m a passionate Miami Marlins fan and talked recently about what we as fans have to look forward to. I talked about how we did at the trade deadline recently as well. However today it’s another passionate fan: Jeremy Geiger @JeremiahGeiger2 on Twitter write this message to Miami Marlins management and asked me to publish it for you. I will also connect on his statements…

Jeremiah Geiger has a message for Miami Marlins management.

"For the city of Miami, for all the fans, for all those who invest so much into this team, we need to see change. It’s 5 years after the start of the rebuild, and save for an expanded postseason appearance in the COVID shortened season of 2020, the Miami Marlins have finished well below .500 every season."

That’s a legitimate concern. The Miami Marlins should not be finishing below .500 on a regular basis. Rebuilds take time, but it’s about time for us to start winning.

"Many fans expected to compete last year in 2021 with the emergence of a young, brilliant rotation, led by Sandy Alcantara and Pablo López. It didn’t happen."

Fair point, though to be fair 2021 was a bit early to expect contention.

"Bruce Sherman declared to fans this offseason that they would spend money. The Miami Marlins signed sluggers Avi Garcia and Jorge Soler to try to add more power to the lineup, along with trading for catcher Jacob Stallings. Every one of these acquisitions have flopped."

Stallings was acquired for his defense, though the bat has been worse than expected. Soler is fine. He was injured after starting out slow. Between the start and injury he was hitting over .300. Avi is well not doing good so Iagree on that. 

"There are no elite offensive bats in the Miami Marlins farm system close to the big leagues…. Soler and Garcia aren’t going to turn this team into a World Series contender, and they were never going to."

There are multiple bats ready for the Majors, as recent call-ups have shown. Soler and Avi were supposed to improve the offense, and a good offense can help a team make it go the World Series eventually.

"Big time moves have to be made. AJ Preller, the GM for the San Diego Padres understands this. The Padres have a window to compete, and Preller is jumping at the chance, making one of the biggest trades in MLB history for Juan Soto in exchange for a huge haul of prospects. If the Miami Marlins want to escape inevitable mediocrity for the foreseeable future, they are going to have to take similar action."

That trade could end up being more bad than good for San Diego. If they don’t win a pennant or extend Soto, it will be a waste in my opinion. Unless they trade him for a haul themselves later on. The Miami Marlins need middle of the order bats and signing one in free agency makes sense. The Fish are not a Soto away from contention however.

"Make a trade Kim! You have a wealth of pitching depth to choose from, and yet, a deal has still yet to be made. You said you had money to spend. Then spend it on multiple top free agents! Prove to the fans that you want to win, that you are invested in the city of Miami and the fanbase. We want to see a competitive team, a team that is in the hunt come the trade deadline. We are asking for action, enough is enough."

It’s not that easy unfortunately. We don’t know what trades were available. We also have to spend our money wisely. I do think that we need to sign too free agents, but reasonably and not just for the sake of doing so. Overall, I agree with Jeremiah’s sentiment and that the Miami Marlins need to get proactive.

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