What should the Miami Marlins do with Trevor Rogers?

This is probably the last time that I’ll be writing about Trevor Rogers this season. I made it pretty clear where I stand on what the Miami Marlins have with him. Despite his injury-affected recent start, Trevor has been pretty good since revealing that he pitched most of this season injured. This is important as most of this season has been a mess for him. Trevor Rogers should however be seen as a major bounceback candidate next season for The Fish.

The Miami Marlins will and should hold on to Trevor Rogers.

Trevor Rogers was a Cy Young candidate last season, he had a 2.64 ERA/2.55 FIP in 25 games and 133 innings. This season he has a 5.47 ERA/4.35 FIP in 23 games and 107 innings pitched. It’s not hard to see the big difference, and to wonder if maybe his 2021 was just a fluke and that he’s not really a Cy Young caliber starting pitcher.

It’s easy to be negative and immediately write off Trevor Rogers’s 2021, but nothing changed in his fastball velocity or mechanics. The only difference was his bad back in 2022. The obvious conclusion is that his poor results this season were a fluke, and that he isn’t really this bad. This means that it’s weird to just write him off.

What should the Miami Marlins do with him? Coming off an excellent 2021 and with real evidence that 2022 is the actual fluke season, it makes no sense to demote him to the bullpen or to the Minor Leagues. Coming off a bad season, other teams will be expecting to buy low, so trading him for less than what he’s worth isn’t good either.

The only solution that makes sense is giving Trevor Rogers another shot by keeping him in our rotation. It doesn’t make sense to sell low on him, or to give up on him this fast. It’s easy to be impatient and just assume the worst, but logical thinking tells us to give him a chance to prove which of the two seasons is the ”real” Trevor Rogers.

The Miami Marlins are going to give Trevor Rogers another chance to probe himself next season, and that’s the right way to do it.