2 Miami Marlins players we'll be glad are gone, and 1 we will miss

3 players whose leaving affects the Miami Marlins in 2024
Johnny Cueto
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Look, I'm going to be honest about this, I'm not a fan of Jorge Soler. I don't like his inconsistency, his injury-prone track record and I don't like that he's really only good for home runs. He's also a terrible defender and just can't be trusted to be in the field. I wouldn't have even put him on this list if the Miami Marlins signed an upgrade and replacement at DH.

All of the above said, it's hard to ignore that Soler hit 36 home runs for The Fish in the 2023 season. He was a legit clean-up bat, who led the team in home runs. Losing 36 home runs is no easy task, and requires either a replacement or someone to step up to take his place. I do consider this as a possibility, but it's not something that you can just safely predict.

Losing Jorge Soler, could be a massive blow to The Fish's power in the 2024 season. If no one steps up and if no one is acquired, this could end up being a pretty big blow to the team. There's sadly a possibility that the Miami Marlins will miss Jorge Soler in 2024.

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