Miami Marlins offense could surprise you in 2024

Can the lineup score the necessary runs for The Fish to return to the playoffs
Jazz Chisholm Jr.
Jazz Chisholm Jr. / Rich Storry/GettyImages

Will the Miami Marlins make the playoffs? There's some increasing optimism based on the pitching, but there's just as much concern with the hitting. Or should there be concern at all? What if I told you that The Fish's lineup might be a lot better than you expect in 2024? Don't believe me? Get ready to take a look...

The Miami Marlins offense may be better than expected in the 2024 season.

Looking at last season's hitting statistics, the Miami Marlins scored 4.11 runs per game. That led to a .259/.316/.405 team batting line for the season. 36 Home run hitting DH Jorge Soler is gone as a free agent, and a replacement hasn't yet been signed (if at all). How can The Fish's lineup possible be better or even stay level with last season?

There are some overlooked positives however.... 3B Jake Burger will be around for the full season. He is projected by multiple projection systems to hit 30 or more home runs this season. Remember, The Fish had the terrible Jean Segura and his .219/.277/.279 batting line for the first half of the season at third base. Having Josh Bell at first base for the full season will help too.

Will LF Bryan De La Cruz improve? Will giving more AB's to RF Jesus Sanchez make a difference? He hit 14 home runs in 360 AB last season. Could he hit 25 in over 500 AB's? What about CF Jazz Chisholm Jr. finally staying healthy for the season? He's definitely good enough to hit 25-30 home runs in a full season, if he's healthy of course.

A bounce back season from newly acquired SS Tim Anderson can go a long way as well. He can hit well for contact and can even potentially add 20 home runs. If another bat is brought in for the DH spot, that could add to the lineup's production as well. It can also help improve on the below average 166 homeruns that the Miami Marlins hit last season. There's certainly room for the lineup to improve upon last season. The offense might just be better than expected.

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