2023 Miami Marlins top draft picks - progress

While some have shown off their talents, others have yet to even begin
2023 MLB Draft presented by Nike
2023 MLB Draft presented by Nike / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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Kemp Alderman - Jupiter

The Miami Marlins second round draft pick was outfielder Kemp Alderman.  Alderman has struggled to transition to big league ball so far and has yet to show off his full array of talents.  

Alderman has played in 15 games and totaled 52 at-bats while only slashing .173/.232/.192 with an OPS at .424.  Those numbers no where near reflect his potential. He currently has only 9 hits and only 1 of those is a double while driving in 5 and striking out 17 times.  

Alderman showed off his awesome power in his draft pick batting practice at loanDepot park it that has not translated.   Alderman could be a big time future outfielder for the Marlins if he can show his power.  He will have plenty of opportunity to snap out of his slump, but it may take until the fall league starts up for him to really shine.  

Brock Vradenburg - Jupiter

First baseman Brock Vradenburg was the Marlins third round draft pick.  Vradenburg was another high draft pick power hitter by the Marlins to try and help rebuild their system with some more powerful players.  Vradenburg has unfortunately suffered the same fate as Alderman so far in his short career.  

Vradenburg has played in 13 games and is struggling to find hits with only 4 total.  In 38 at-bats so far he is slashing .105/.277/.158 with an OPS of .435.  Vradenburg has also struck out 16 times and only has 2 doubles.  He has a ton of power and like Alderman has yet to show off his true talents.  Hopefully he will have a short adjustment period then really show why the Marlins picked him so high.

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