3 DH options for the Miami Marlins to replace Jorge Soler with

Jorge Soler
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Arguably a better option than J.D. Martinez is of course Justin Turner. Turner doesn't have to be limited to DH duties, as he can also play third base and first base. This means that the Miami Marlins can rest other starters and rotate players as the team sees fit. Turner was worth 2.1 WAR in 2023.

The 39 year old batted .276/.345/.455, with 23 home runs and 96 RBI, in 146 games and 558 AB in 2023. The age is definitely an issue and the demand for him might be a bit higher than for JDM. I do see him having to settle for a 1 year deal, at perhaps somewhere in the vicinity of $20 million as well. I just don't see him getting a multi-year deal at his age.

The same argument as for JDM applies here, it's unclear if the Miami Marlins will spend at the level that Turner will likely cost. The Fish were interested in him before (though under a different regime), so perhaps another attempt to bring him in will happen here. I do see it as a realistic possibility that Peter Bendix will look into this.