3 Impact hitters the Miami Marlins should try to sign

JD Martinez
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The off-season is underway and it's time for the Miami Marlins to improve the lineup. Hitting has been The Fish's Achilles' heel in 2023, and getting an impact bat should be a priority. Designated Hitter Jorge Soler has opted out and honestly good riddance. The bad defender was injury-prone and inconsistent, though he was a great power bat. It's that lost power that The Fish need to replace and improve upon. Here are three hitters that The Fish need to target and I don't expect the team to sign more than one of them (if any)...

The Miami Marlins need to pursue these three hitters....


How about directly replacing Jorge Soler at designated hitter? J.D. Martinez just barely outdid Soler in WAR in 2023 (1.9 to 1.8), he's a significantly better player however. He batted .271/.321/.572 with 33 home runs and 103 RBI, in 113 games and 432 AB. JDM can't really play effective defense anymore, but he can both hit for contact and for power. Can you imagine having JDM in the middle of the order in the 2024 season?!

J.D. Martinez has a career .287/.321/.572 batting line, and also offers leadership to the clubhouse. It also helps that JDM is a Miami native of Cuban descent. This would be a huge homecoming to see him on the team and playing home games in Little Havana. Another positive is that JDM does not come with a draft pick attached, as the Los Angeles Dodgers didn't extend one to him.

How much would J.D. Martinez cost the Miami Marlins? Due to already being 36 years old, 1 or 2 years at around $15-16 million a year is likely what he'd cost. You could make an argument for $20 million a year, but I question that.

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