3 Players that won't be on the Miami Marlins by the end of 2023

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Garrett Cooper was an All-Star in 2022. He batted .283/.349/.434 in the first half, earning him the All-Star Game nod. He wasn't as good in the second half, as he batted .210/.310/.371. There was however a bigger red flag with Cooper besides his second half in 2022....he can't seem to stay healthy for long periods of time at all. Cooper hasn't played in more than 119 games in a season in his entire career!

Garrett Cooper could be playing his final season with the Miami Marlins.

Garrett Cooper started his career back in 2017 with the New York Yankees, batting .326/.333/.488 with 0 home runs and 6 RBI in 13 games and 43 AB. That was an impressive enough debut where he ended up getting traded to the Miami Marlins. He debuted with The Fish in 2018 and batted .212/.316/.242 with 0 home runs and 2 RBI in 14 games and 33 AB. It's pretty clear that this isn't particularly impressive, but it was believed that the slugger could potentially improve despite already being 27 years old.

In 2019, Garrett Cooper batted .281/.344/.446 with 15 home runs and 50 RBI in 107 games and 381 AB. This showed that the Miami Marlins were right to wait on him, as he clearly was worth the wait. In 2020, Garrett batted .283/.353/.500 with 6 home runs and 20 RBI in the shortened season's 34 games and 120 AB. In 2021, Cooper batted .284/.380/.465 with 9 home runs and 33 RBI in 71 games and 215 AB. This was very promising, and in 2022 he of course had his All-Star season.

Garrett Cooper is a free agent after this season and based on his shaky track record and age (he'll be 33 in 2024), I suspect that this is his final season with the Miami Marlins. If he has another All-Star campaign and doesn't fall apart in the second half, there's always a chance that he'll be retained, but I suspect that The Fish will want to invest in younger players.

A big acquisition may be on the way out...