Miami Marlins GM Kim Ng interview reveals a lot...

Kim Ng
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The Miami Marlins didn't sign "this slugger" and who knows if Kim Ng and Bruce Sherman will take the great opportunity available to The Fish this off-season. In the meantime, Spring Trainung is under way and Kim Ng had some very interesting things to say about that. Was she happy with how the off-season went? Will more moves be made? Are there any more trades or free agent moves on the way? Let's analyze what she said...

Miami Marlins GM had a lot of interesting things to say.

The off-season was an interesting one for the Miami Marlins. Did it go the way The Fish planned? What does Kim Ng think about it?

"I would say middle of the road, and I think that's for every general manager. I think the offseason has its ups and downs, and you might not necessarily get your No. 1 pick of your prep list in a particular area. But you might get that one somewhere else. And then I think you have to look at it in its totality. Again, I think we did fairly well."

In other words she is happy with how the off-season went, but does wish that it went better. There were some players that the Miami Marlins pursued that the team didn't get, perhaps that's what Kim was alluding too. I do think that the off-season went well for The Fish though. Does Kim pay attentuon to what The Fish's division rivals have been doing?

"I think we have to really just pay attention to ourselves and just play our game. That doesn't change, and we can't control any of that. We can only control what we control."

Kim Ng basically says that she doesn't worry about what other teams do and focuses on what the Miami Marlins can do. I think that while it's correct that she can't control what other teams do, seeing which team got better and which got worse is pretty important as that's how you know how your team compares.

As far as making any further moves, Kim Ng was very non-committal:

It ain't over till it's over. Sometimes things just fall into your lap. I think that's our job. … We have to be open-minded, and we always have to be trying to improve the club. Our door's open for business.

In other words, no major moves are currently planned, but something might still happen....I think. Kim Ng is good at being non-committal, but we can have an idea that she's ready for moves and is happy with how the off-season went, but wishes that it was better as she didn't get every player that she wanted.

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