3 players the Miami marlins need to get hot this month

The added pieces to the team will help them compete against the best, but what year-long players will need to be on the top of their game?
Detroit Tigers v Miami Marlins
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Bryan De La Cruz - OF - Marlins

Bryan De La Cruz might be the biggest beneficiary of the trade deadline when it comes to the lineup.  He was forced into a cleanup or 3 hole spot prior and now he can hit more comfortably in the 5 hole.  De La Cruz will see better pitches and will likely come up with runners on base more often and he needs to start to contribute in a big way.  De La Cruz has the potential to be a huge impact player for the Marlins and can dictate their success in August and beyond.  

De La Cruz had a huge power streak in July with 5 home runs and 14 RBI.  He needs to continue that kind of production this month but even more so he needs to have a better average.   De La Cruz in the 5 spot in the lineup will come up with runners on and needs to hit better than his .238 clip since the start of July and needs to make more contact than his 25% strikeout rate.   

While he did provide the bigger power numbers in July, he needs to up his RBI total from 14 if given the amount of opportunities I believe he will have this month. De La Cruz could be the biggest asset the Marlins have this month and based on his production, the Marlins could win in bunches. If he slumps this month, its going to be a long month for certain.