3 Players the Miami Marlins will wish were signed when the season starts

The Fish will regret not signing these players this season
J.D. Martinez
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The 2024 season is on the way and the Miami Marlins have some exciting new additions, though also some polarizing losses. It's going to be interesting to see which free agents will have big seasons, and which will be disappointing, thus giving us a better look at how this off-season could have went. At the moment it doesn't look like these three players will be signed...

3 Players that the Miami Marlins will wish to have signed this off-season.


The Arizona Diamondbacks signed Joc Pederson for 1 year/$7 million. It's a pretty inexpensive deal all things considered. The Miami Marlins could still use a DH, so why didn't the team beat that deal? Pederson is coming off a down year in 2023. He batted .235/.348/.416, with 15 home runs and 51 RBI in 121 games and 358 AB. He was much better in 2022, when he batted .274/.353/.521, with 23 home runs and 70 RBI in 134 games in just 380 AB.

Pederson did always have issues with facing same-handed batters, but the power is legitimate. He could've been of use to The Fish, especially for the affordable price. It probably would've been better to have him at DH, then rotating the position. It all could change if the team ends up signing a DH after all, but for now watching Pederson potentially have a strong year with Arizona will be quite disappointing to see.

Joc Pederson has a career .237/.336/.464 batting line with elite Exit Velocities. His last two were 92.5 in 2022 and 91.9 in 2023.