3 Teams that the Miami Marlins can send Avisail Garcia to

The third team will definitely surprise you!
Avisail Garcia
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Who can the Miami Marlins send Avisail Garcia to? I don't have to remind you of how terrible he's been for The Fish. We wrote about him for quite some time, and we've all suffered from the pain of watching him bat .224/.266/.317 in 2022, and .185/.241/.315 in 2023. Who can The Fish unload the remaining $24 million over 2 years (along with a $5 million buyout of a team option) on? Most likely no one, but we can only hope that someone will agree to a bad contract swap.

The Miami Marlins should unload Avisail Garcia on a team in a bad contract swap.


On one hand, why would the Miami Marlins trade with the New York Mets within the division? Well, what if the trade really benefits both sides? The New York Mets are stuck with Starling Marte for the next two years at $20.75 million per year. The Mets would surely love to get out of that contract, as Starling has batted .248/.301/.324 last season and isn't really a fit for them any longer. He had a -1.0 dWAR last season too.

So why would the Miami Marlins want Starling Marte? He batted .305/.405/.451 for The Fish back in 2021. No, he won't do that again, but at least he's better than Avi. Remember, The Fish can't get anyone of value for Avi. It's a matter of acquiring a better bad contract and Starling Marte is simply the better player.

The Mets can eat some of Marte's contract and still save money by dealing him, while The Fish can pay a bit more for a better player.