3 Teams that the Miami Marlins can send Avisail Garcia to

The third team will definitely surprise you!
Avisail Garcia
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I've talked about it in the past. Detroit have a bad contract on their hands in SS Javier Baez. Baez is owed $25 million a year for the next two years and then $24 million a year for 2026 and 2027. I'm pretty sure that Detroit would be more than willing to pay a big part of his salary in return for getting him off of the roster.

How about they pay slightly more than half of his salary? The Miami Marlins then pay Baez what the team would've been paying Avisail Garcia for the next two years, plus two more. In return, Detroit pay Avi and The Fish what they would've paid Baez for the next two years, then save money by only paying half of his salary to The Fish.

Javier Baez batted .230/.273/.361 over the last two seasons with Detroit, and with their middle infielders, is taking AB's away from their next core. The Miami Marlins need a SS however and Baez is a very good defender (1.0 dWAR last season), who still has some power at least and is more importantly more useful than Avi. The only issue for Detroit is finding room for Avi.