4 Miami Marlins free agents and their chances of coming back

Jorge Soler
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I obviouslly left the best for last... designated hitter Jorge Soler. Soler spent most of the 2023 season as the Miami Marlins' number two hitter. He might arguably have been even better batting clean-up instead. Soler batted .250/.341/.512, with 36 home runs and 75 RBI in 137 games and 504 AB. He was clearly an important bat and was extremely important to the team.

Unfortunately for Soler, he has quite a qustionable profile. For all of his good with the bat, there's his atrocious defense. His defense is so bad, that it's just not preferable to have him in the OF at all. He should strictly be a DH, which should lower his value going forward.

Defense isn't Jorge Soler's only problem, his inconsistency is a major one as well. He spent a long time on the injured list throughout his career. He missed almost all of last season and a part of this season as well. He also had terrible seasons alongside his good ones. He's a career .243/.330/.467 hitter, who batted .230/.322/.457 over the last three seasons.

The lack of a good hitters market in free agency and his power, will certainly help Jorge Soler. A 3 year/$45 million deal seems attainable for him, and with higher-spending teams on the lookout for help....things don't look good for The Fish. He has interest from other teams, and is perhaps stupidly not saddled with a qualifying offer. I suspect that the Miami Marlins will be outbid for his services, but that won't be a bad thing.