4 Reasons the Miami Marlins should go after Brad Hand

The Miami Marlins bullpen could use a boost, despite its great showing so far
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Reason 3 - Cost

The price would assumedly be right for the Miami Marlins for Brad Hand, and that should keep allow him to come. The Marlins don't have a very deep farm system and have only two players in the MLB top 100 prospects list so they don't have a lot to shop or give up for a primer arm.

The KC Royals traded Aroldis Chapman to the Rangers for a 25-year-old relief pitcher with a near six ERA and a 17-year-old prospect. The price was relatively cheap for a top-tier closer who can reach triple digits on the gun. Brand Hand certainly won't command such a deal and could include a minor leaguer, perhaps a Devin Smeltzer type and maybe a Rookie ball player.

Either way, the price shouldn't be a king's ransom, and picking up less than a million dollars to end the year also shouldn't hurt their efforts to acquire bigger fish for the roster, which could be a possibility, as Neil wrote about prior.