5 Biggest off-season losers and how they affect the Miami Marlins

Five teams that had the worst off-seasons will surprise you

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How long will a key Miami Marlins pitcher be injured for? That's the question that a lot of fans have on their minds these days. With the season so close, it's a good time to think about mistakes that were avoided in the past, and mistakes that actually took place this off-season. Which five teams had the worst off-seasons? How does that affect The Fish?

Five teams made big mistakes this off-season and the Miami Marlins can learn from them.


Cleveland won the AL Central in 2022, but could not repeat in 2023. The culptit? Terrible hitting. Cleveland is not a good hitting team to say the least. They scored an abysmal 4.09 runs per game last season. They were in the bottom four in that category in the entire Major Leagues. It was that bad.

What does a team that is trying to return to the playoffs do? The obvious answer is try to acquire hitting. This could mean splashy free agent signings, or in small-market Cleveland's case lower tier signings and trades. They would at least bring in someone to improve the dreadful lineup right?

They did....nothing. Nothing. It's like that "Seinfeld" episode where George says "the show is about nothing". You can't make this up. They're lucky that they're in arguably the worst division in the Majors, but it's hard to excuse not trying to improve the team's weakest area. I guess they expect a lot of break-outs, but that's way too optimistic. At least the Miami Marlins did something.