A key Miami Marlins hitter is now out with an injury and it's catastrophic

Jake Burger is one of the key Fish hitters and he's now injured
Jake Burger
Jake Burger / Brennan Asplen/GettyImages

What a day in Miami Marlins news...after losing a home series to the Atlanta Braves, The Fish shockingly demoted SP Max Meyer. With starting pitching an issue already, that remains an odd decision. It doesn't help, when at the same time 3B Jake Burger went down with an oblique injury.

The Miami Marlins placed 3B Jake Burger on the 10-day injured list.

Jake Burger has been outstanding for the Miami Marlins since being acquired at last season's Trade Deadline. He batted .303/.355/.505 for The Fish, with 9 home runs and 28 RBI, in 53 games and 198 AB. This season, the slugger is batting .228/.281/.421, with 3 home runs and 15 RBI, in 16 games and 57 AB.

It's not surprising to say that losing Jake Burger for any significant length of time is close to catastrophic for The Fish. It's supposedly not a major injury, with his oblique injury supposedly not taking too long for him to recover from. Burger said that this injury is similar to a similar oblique injury that cost him 10 days last season.

Assuming that Burger is right, the Miami Marlins should expect him back after about a week and a half. It would be the best case scenario and one that I hope will indeed come true. Of course it's also possible that he will take longer to recover. In that scenario, it's hard to imagine something worse happening (other than him missing the season).

The Miami Marlins lineup is currently batting .209/.273/.316 and losing Burger will only make things significantly worse. Missing both Meyer and Burger is just on another different level of worse. I'm not sure what we can expect going forward when the team, but any miracle playoff run should probably not even be entertained in a small way.

It's hard for me to write this today, as the news about Max Meyer and Jake Burger are just too frustrating. I will cover the Meyer situation more in-depth later on, but for now I'd like to wish Jake a speedy recovery and hope that he'll be back shortly, as the Miami Marlins badly need his bat in the lineup.

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