A Miami Marlins prospect is rising up the rankings

Dane Myers
Dane Myers / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The draft came and went for the Miami Marlins. Some interesting prospects were selected. After the very busy Trade Deadline, The Fish traded some prospects. Is the farm system better or worse now? What's the outlook? That's going to come in a later article, but for now let's look at the prospects that rose up the ranks. Looking at The Fish and the team's divisional rivals, it makes sense to see how things look now.

The Miami Marlins have a rising prospect.

Let's start with some of The Fish's divisional rivals... the Atlanta Braves may no longer have an elite farm, but keep finding ways to get value out of their prospects. Next in line is LHP Luis De Avila, who is excelling in AA with a 2.95 ERA. The Miami Marlins need to take steps to also find similar prospects more often. De Avila was a Rule 5 pick for Atlanta.

The New York Mets have RHP Christian Scott, who was drafted out of Florida. That's of course annoying, to have someone from Florida succeed with a division rival. Scott started out as a reliever, but is now a starter and could apparently be a starting option for the team late next season. I'm curious to see how it goes with him.

The Washington Nationals have OF Daylen Lile, he's not one of their elite OF prospects, but he just might be getting there. He's hitting .291/.381/.510 in High A so far this season. He's a former Tommy John patient, so that definitely has to be kept in mind when assessing him. Wil he ever become a star in the Major Leagues? Maybe. He's definitely someone to watch at least.

Speaking of prospects from Florida. There's RHP Orion Kerkering in the Philadelphia Phillies farm system. He has great stuff and an excellent strikeout to walk ratio. He didn't work out as a starter, but could one day be a boost to Philly's bullpen. The worst part is he's from South Florida.

So who do the Miami Marlins have? How about 1B/3B/OF Dane Myers?! Myers batted .336/.426/.523 between AA and AAA this season. He also batted .288/.295/.373 for the Miami Marlins during his call-up this season. He's definitely getting another call-up this season.

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