A Miami Marlins star made the All-Star Game!

Luis Arraez
Luis Arraez / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

MLB announced the All-Star Game rosters for hitters. I actually just wrote about their new power rankings for starting pitchers, and they might still change before the next announcements. Let's take a look at the rosters and see if they're fair. The All-Star Game is a popularity contest and sadly it's not always fair, it's also a fun event...

The All-Star Game starting lineups have been announced and include a Miami Marlins star.

Let's go through the American League first... Texas's Jonah Heim will start at catcher. He earned it with a .279/.331/.469 batting line, and a 2.3 WAR (highest among AL catchers). First base goes to Tampa Bay's Yandy Diaz, who earned it with a .318/.407/.515 batting line and 2.6 WAR (highest among AL first basemen). He's another first timer. Second base went to Texas's Marcus Semien. Semien is batting .284/.345/.461 and is worth 3.4 WAR, highest among AL second basemen.

Shortstop went to Texas's Corey Seager. The fourth time selection doesn't deserve it this time. He's batting .345/.411/.609 with a 2.9 WAR, but he's not Tampa Bay's Wander Franco, who is batting .284/.345/.458 with a 4.1 WAR. Third base went to yet another Texas Ranger... Josh Jung is batting .274/.325/.485 and is worth 2.2 WAR. He deserves his first selection. The OF features RF Aaron Judge, he won't play in his fifth selection due to injury; Yandy's teammate LF Randy Arozarena, who earned his first selection with a .286/.401/.475 batting line and 2.6 WAR; and CF Mike Trout.

Trout (11'th consecutive pick) is batting .260/.367/.491 with a 2.7 WAR. His spot should've went to the Chicago White Sox's Luis Robert Jr., who has a .271/.328/.564 batting line and is worth 3.9 WAR. DH went to Shohei Ohtani and his .309/.389/.659 batting line.

The NL choice for catcher is deserving first timer Sean Murphy, with his NL catcher leading 2.7 WAR and .289/.385/.540 batting line. First base went to LA's Freddie Freeman and his NL 1B leading 3.3 WAR, with a .321/.399/.544 batting line. So far so good. Second base deservedly went to Luis Arraez of the Miami Marlins. Give him an extension Kim Ng! Arraez is batting .392/.444/.485 with an MLB 2B high 3.5 WAR.

Shortstop went to Atlanta's Orlando Arcia, who is breaking out with a .303/.358/.436 batting line and 1.9 WAR. This is laughable, considering the Chicago Cubs' Dansby Swanson has a 3.1 WAR. Third base went to St. Louis's Nolan Arenado. He has just 1.1 WAR and a .274/.322/.485 batting line. The OF will consist of Atlanta Braves RF Ronald Acuna Jr. (4.7 WAR/.331/.408/.585); Arizona Diamondbacks LF Corbin Carroll (3.8 WAR/.290/.366/.559); and LA's RF Mookie Betts (3.4 WAR/.260/.360/.523).

The DH position is where I have a big problem. There's no way that J.D. Martinez (1.1 WAR/.267/.310/.586 with 19 home runs and 55 RBI) deserves the nod. Miami Marlins DH Jorge Soler earned it with a 1.1 WAR/.244/.343/.512, with 21 home runs and 46 RBI. I even wrote about this before. JDM did catch up to Soler, but Soler was more productive all season long.

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