An alternate reality where the Miami Marlins kept Luis Arraez

What if The Fish kept the batting champ?
Luis Arraez
Luis Arraez / Orlando Ramirez/GettyImages

Multiple sources have praised the trade between the Miami Marlins and San Diego Padres earlier this season. The trade that even Craig Mish said was fair. There are fans who disagree however, believing that Peter Bendix should've extended Luis Arraez, or at least not traded him for a weak return. What would've happened if Bendix didn't make the trade?

What if the Miami Marlins kept Luis Arraez?

What if Peter Bendix decided that the return wasn't good enough and so it's best to just keep Luis Arraez on the team? It's unlikely that an in-season extension would've been worked out, but we'll get there later on in this alternate reality type of setting. It's fair to say that Otto Lopez would've remained stuck on the bench.

Lopez staying on the bench would've in turn made The Fish's already suspect defense even worse. This would definitely come at the cost of some one-run games. An error or play not made in those situations can make quite a big difference. Of course, Arraez's bat would've also made the difference at the top of the batting order....

This season was lost even before Arraez was traded, him staying on the team doesn't change that. The Miami Msrlins still don't make the playoffs or even stay in contention. So what happens next season/ I would imagine more of the same, bad defense from Arraez but excellent contact. My guess is that in the off-season it would be decided to move him to first base. This would improve the defensive situation, but create an odd fit for someone who isn't a power hitter at the position.

Whether or not The Fish make the playoffs is of course a different story. I don't really see him staying or going making that much of a difference on that. The team needs better health and better hitting, things that would be needed regardless of his presence in the lineup. After hitting free agency after next season, he could've signed elsewhere. He could've also re-signed. Let's assume he gets 5 years/$15 million a year. Within a season or two, it's likely that his batting average would go down. After two season, he's suddenly a terrible contract who Bendix is blamed for extending.

Luis Arraez is a great contact hitter, but that is really his only asset. Everything else (defense, power, speed) are liabilities. He wasn't a long-term fit at all on the Miami Marlins.

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