A surprising take on a blockbuster Miami Marlins trade from a major source

The Athletic has a different take on the Luis Arraez trade
Luis Arraez
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We had a negative take on the Luis Arraez trade between the Miami Marlins and the San Diego Padres. I personally thought that it depended on what other offers were available. I understood that Arraez wasn't as good as last season, is a defensive liability and is in a way one-dimensional. That said, I thought that he was worth more. There is however one take that is completely different. Let's take a look...

The Atlantic thinks that the Miami Marlins got one over on the San Diego Padres.

The Luis Arraez trade is certainly a polarizing trade. Detractors say that the Miami Marlins should've extended Arraez instead. If not that, then at least waited for a better offer, as the one accepted didn't include any top 100 prospects. Others think that the trade was fine and maybe even the best available, as Arraez is too one-dimensional. Peter Bendix seems to agree with the latter.

The Atlantic has a different take.... they actually think that The Fish not only won the trade, but actually fleeced San Diego! For context, Luis Arraez has batted .344/.382/.406 since arriving to San Diego. He batted .299/.347/.372 for The Fish prior to the trade this season.

The article is pretty high on the prospects. Keith Law is VERY high on Dillon Head, saying that he's young enough to make adjustments, but has elite speed and contact. I hope that Keith is right as Head becoming a star CF would be the ideal scenario.

Jacob Mursee is seen as a fourth OF who will help defensively and on the basepaths. That's not a very promising prediction, but Law is so high on Marsee. He goes so far as to call it "the best deal the Marlins have made in years", because he was included as well. He sees Nathan Martorella as a future 1B/DH, who will help and not hurt the team. Interestingly, he says that it was "smart" to do this trade now, instead of waiting until later. Time will tell if he's right.

I just want to know what other offers were out there for the Miami Marlins to trade Luis Arraez?

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