3 Off-Season moves that the Miami Marlins should've made

This has been a disappointing season for The Fish so far
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It was a disappointing off-season for the Miami Marlins. Some publications went as far as to give the team an "F" rating. It begs the question of what should The Fish have done? With the season, the way it's going, it's definitely possible to now make some assessments. Some decisions obviously stand out, others may not have been as obvious, though I've seen them coming. What are the three decisions that The Fish should've made?

The three moves that the Miami Marlins should've made in the off-season?


Christian Bethancourt has been The Fish's main acquisition to improve at catcher. Yes, the guy who can't even reach the Mendoza Line. Bethancourt has easily been one of the worst hitters in the Major Leagues. His defense is really nothing special either. The fact that he was the solution for the position appears to be on the verge of being seen as insane.

Why couldn't Peter Bendix trade for the St. Louis Cardinals' Ivan Herrera? The top prospect was blocked from the Major League team by Willson Contreras. I doubt that St. Louis have much interest in playing Contreras and his salary at DH. This means that Herrera is blocked and it would just make too much sense for St. Louis to use him to acquire some badly needed starting pitching help.

Couldn't the Miami Marlins have at least tried for ANYONE better than Bethancourt? Joey Bart was available too. There really should've been some better acquisition than Christian Bethancourt.