Could this unexpected shortstop target be a fit for the Miami Marlins?

Ha-Seong Kim
Ha-Seong Kim / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins need bats and free agency has been the primary way to fix that that we looked at. It's time to take a look at another option.... what about a trade with the San Diego Padres? It appears that their Gold Glove winning second baseman Ha-Seong Kim may just be on the trade block.

Ha-Seong Kim may solve the SS problem for the Miami Marlins. If he's indeed available.

The Miami Marlins have a need for a SS. That's something that we've been talking about throughout the off-season. As we get closer to Spring Training and the position hasn't been filled, it may be time to take a look at previously unexplored options. Would it make sense for The Fish to trade with San Diego for the aforementioned Ha-Seong Kim?

Ha-Seong Kim debuted in 2021 with a disappointing .202/.270/.352 batting line. He did this in 117 games and 267 AB with 8 home runs and 34 RBI. He did however have a very impressive 2.1 dWAR and coincidentally an overall 2.1 WAR as well. San Diego decided to give Kim more of an opportunity in 2022. That season he played in 150 games and received 517 AB. He proceeded to bat .251/.325/.383, with 11 home runs and 59 RBI, in 150 games and 517 AB. He was worth 5.0 WAR and 2,2 dWAR.

2023 was an even better season for Ha-Seong Kim. This time he batted .260/.351/.398, with 17 home runs and 60 RBI, in 152 games and 538 AB. He was worth 5.8 WAR and 2.1 dWAR for that performance. The power was obviously not impressive, but the rest was a different story. The WAR and dWAR were of an elite middle infielder.

Should the Miami Marlins live with the middling offense? Kim had an 85.3 EV, so he's not really a power hitter. If the goal is to just bring in a competent SS, with offense not a major requirement, then he would be an excellent choice. It would work best however if the team also brought in a power hitting DH, as while elite defense is helpful, so is more offense.