Analyzing the Miami Marlins schedule has some intriguing results

Schedules can make or break seasons and it will affect The Fish quite a bit
Jake Burger
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There are multiple players who will decide the Miami Marlins season. One of them could be an MVP candidate if he's healthy. I have a lot of optimism in The Fish making the playoffs for the second consecutive season, for the first time ever. Another big deciding factor however will be the team's schedule.

The Miami Marlins schedule show some interesting windows of opportunity.

The season starts off very well for the Miami Marlins, with a 4-game home series against the Pittsburgh Pirates. This is followed by a 3-game series against the Los Angeles Angels. This is a great start, as The Fish should be able to do good here. Failure to do so, will send a really alarming message for the rest of the season. Things get a bit harder after with two 3-game away series against the St. Louis Cardinals and then the New York Yankees.

The Fish return home for a tough 3-game series against the Atlanta Braves, followed by a better series against the San Francisco Giants. This is followed by another 7-game road set. First, there are three games against the Chicago Cubs (not bad) and then three against Atlanta (ugh). Any issues here should be resolved by a dream set of 7 home games. First, there are four against the Washington Nationals and then three against the Colorado Rockies. This is where The Fish must do well.

The next road trip starts off great, with three games against the Oakland Athletics and then turns bad with three against the Los Angeles Dodgers. It's a mixed bag after this, three home games against the Philadelphia Phillies is not too bad and three road games against the Detroit Tigers should be fine. The next six home games are intriguing with possibilities, with three against the New York Mets and three against the Milwaukee Brewers. The Fish could win both.

The next six home games could be interesting too, with three against the Arizona Diamondbacks and then three against the San Diego Padres. The next eight home games will really test the team, so I'm glad that they're at least at home. Three games against the Texas Rangers, two against the Tampa Bay Rays and finally three against the Cleveland Guardians. This is luckily followed by six promising away games, three against the Mets and three against Washington.

Six more home games could solidify where the team is at, with three against St. Louis and three against the Seattle Mariners. A mixed bag road trip is next, with three games against the Kansas City Royals and four against Philly. A very promising six-game home set is next. Three games against the Boston Red Sox and three against the Chicago White Sox. A tough six-game road trip follows, with three games against the Houston Astros and three against the Cincinnati Reds.

Based on my projections, I could see The Fish being at least ten games above .500 at this point in playoff position. The second half starts with a six-game home set. Three games against the New York Mets and then three against the Baltimore Orioles, which can be promising. A tough nine-game road set comes next, with three games against Milwaukee, two against Tampa Bay and four against Atlanta. Hopefully the Marlins don't do badly on this road trip.

A seven-game home set comes next, with four games against the Cincinnati Reds and three against the San Diego Padres. It will hopefully not be an issue. Five road games are next, which could be tough.... two against Philly and three against the Mets. Five challenging home games are next, with three against Arizona and three against the Cubs.

Seven road games are next, with four against Colorado and three against San Francisco. Following the previous set, let's hope this one goes well. Six home games are next, two against Washington will hopefully be easy, but four against Philly are a bit worrying. This is followed by seven road games that will hopefully improve things, with three against Pittsburgh and four against Washington.

The next six home games though...oh boy. Let's hope that the Marlins aren't fighting for a playoff spot with every game making the difference. There's three against LA and three against Philly. At least all of those games are are at home. The season ends with six moderately tough road games. There's three against the Minnesota Twins and three against the Toronto Blue Jays. That's not very promising, so The Fish need to be in a good position by then.

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