Another Miami Marlins hitter is injured

Jazz Chisholm Jr.
Jazz Chisholm Jr. / Bryan Cereijo/GettyImages

Injuries have been piling up for the Miami Marlins this season. The latest injury is affecting star CF Jazz Chisholm Jr. This sadly affects the positive situation that was taking place. That being the team in actual playoff contention. Jazz has been building up a rather unfortunate reputation as an injury-prone player. A reputation that seems to be confirmed by this latest injury that he's experiencing. What happens now?

Miami Marlins CF Jazz Chisholm Jr. is once again injured.

Jazz Chisholm Jr. had an already complicated season, having to switch positions pretty drastically. He was tasked with moving from second base to center field this season. A transition that was criticized and questioned when it was first announced. Jazz didn't start this season on a particularly high note either sadly. He's currently batting .229/.291/.403, with 7 home runs and 16 RBI in 39 games and 144 AB. He did however add an impressive 14 stolen bases. He is also on pace to beat his record of 23 stolen bases in 2021.

What is Jazz's injury and how severe is it? He has a condition called "turf toe" and is now projected to miss between 4-6 weeks. This is obviously bad news, but at least it's not the entirety of the season. He should seemingly be able to rejoin the team by July. The bad news is that it's tough not to see him as injury-prone at this point. Jazz is still young enough to shed that reputation, but things aren't looking great at the moment.

What happens now that he's injured? Who will replace him? The Miami Marlins have multiple options on hand. Both Garrett Hampson and Jon Berti should see some time in CF. Hampson in particular might actually take over fully while Jazz is injured. Hampson is currently batting .262/.294/.431, with a home run and 7 RBI in 26 games and 65 AB. This batting line is actually similar to Jazz's, (minus the home runs and stolen bases of course). Jon Berti is batting .271/.320/.364, with 2 home runs and 8 RBI in 37 games and 118 AB.

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