Surprising news about the Miami Marlins

Sandy Alcantara
Sandy Alcantara / Bryan Cereijo/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins may seem to be in a bad spot. Injuries seem to be piling up and the rotation is underperforming. The Fish can also use improvements from both ace and reigning NL Cy Young Sandy Alcantara, and CF Jazz Chisholm Jr.. So what surprise am I talking about? The surprise is that the National League is not as competitive as it was expected to be. The Wild Card race is wide open and The Fish have a good chance...

The Miami Marlins are in a good position for the MLB Postseason.

Take a look at the MLB standings. Particularly the National League of course. The Atlanta Braves seem to be running away with the NL East. They have a 25-15 record and are 5.0 games ahead of the Philadelphia Phillies. However, they've been playing so well that it's hard to see them being overtaken. For the Miami Marlins to make the playoffs, the focus has to be on the Wild Card race. That race doesn't look as competitive as it was supposed to be.

Just as Atlanta is seemingly running away with the NL East, the Milwaukee Brewers are in control of the NL Central. The clear best team is at 23-17, and the only other .500+ team in the division are the overachieving Pittsburgh Pirates. Pittsburgh is 22-19, and on a 2-8 run in their last ten games after an overachieving start. I don't see them making the playoffs. The St. Louis Cardinals are 16-25 and the rest of the division doesn't look good either.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are leading the NL West with a 26-15 record. They have a 3 game lead over the Arizona Diamondbacks, but I suspect they'll hold on to the lead. So where do the Miami Marlins stand right now in the Wild Card race? Arizona stand at 23-18, but I could see them getting worse due to their shaky pitching and technically lineup as well. The San Diego Padres are 19-22 and certainly aren't playing like contenders.

What about the Miami Marlins' NL East rivals? The Philadelphia Phillies are 20-20 and the New York Mets are 20-21. The Miami Marlins by the way are 20-21 too and are only a half game out of a Wild Card spot.

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