Are there any Miami Marlins players on the MLB top 100 prospects list?

The Miami Marlins may not have the greatest representation on the list
Noble Meyer
Noble Meyer / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Bruce Sherman brought in Peter Bendix to improve the Miami Marlins farm system. As The Fish are looking to improve the lineup, the MLB top 100 prospects list has finally come out! The obvious question is how many players on the list are from the team. Is the farm system going to improve? Bendix just recently took over so not yet, spoiler alert it's not great...

The Miami Marlins are not well-represented on the MLB top 100 prospects list.

First, it makes sense to quickly go over some other key players on the list. The #1 prospect is SS Jackson Holliday from the Baltimore Orioles, but that doesn't affect The Fish. Neither is #2 prospect OF Jackson Chourio of the Milwaukee Brewers, though he can potentially affect the Wild Card race. Speaking of which, the San Diego Padres have two top 20 prospects in C Ethan Salas (#8) and SS Jackson Merrill (#12), though the team declined so far this off-season.

The top prospect on the division rival Philadelphia Phillies is RHP Andrew Painter (#27). He won't be pitching in 2024, but will be back in 2025 after recovering from Tommy John Surgery. As good as he is, I'm more worried about Philly's hitting than their pitching. The New York Mets' top prospect is SS/OF Jett Williams at #45. He's only 5'6 and there are questions about his long-term position and ability in the Majors.

Philly has another pitcher at #49 in RHP Mick Abel. Abel has some serious control issues, so I'm not too worried about him either. Of course he still has front of the rotation stuff otherwise. #53 is another Met: OF Drew Gilbert. He's more of a speedy hitter than a power hitter and might get called up this summer.

It takes until #57 to see a Miami Marlins prospect... RHP Noble Meyer. He is very advanced for a high school product and here's what says about him:

"Meyer's best pitch is a high-spin slider with mid-80s velocity and two-plane break, though he can fall in love with it too much and will need to learn to not lean on it as heavily in pro ball. His fastball features plenty of velocity, parking at 94-97 mph and topping out at 100, though it doesn't come with great metrics and has gotten hit more than expected."

Meyer's ETA is 2026. Philly also has SS/3B Aidan Miller at #61 but his ETA is 2027. #66 SS/2B Luisangel Acuna of the New York Met, has the speed to make it up in 2024, but likely won't be more than a solid regular at best.

Overall, the Miami Marlins only have one prospect in the top 100, while some of The Fish's division rivals have more than that. Hopefully Peter Bendix will fix this going forward.

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