Latest news reveal that the Miami Marlins were right about Kim Ng

Kim Ng
Kim Ng / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The biggest story surrounding the Miami Marlins has been Kim Ng departing as the team's general manager. We've been looking at factors that can be used in the hiring of her replacement, as well as specific candidates. In the meantime, it seems that a lot of fans are upset with Bruce Sherman, for how Kim Ng is gone after leading the team to the playoffs. We now know that Sherman was right.

The Miami Marlins were right about Kim Ng.

Kim Ng helped build a playoff team this season. This was the first time that the Miami Marlins have made the playoffs in a full season since 2003. It's not a surprise that the fans have been outraged when the team suddenly parted ways with her after the season. It then came out that she wasn't fired, she left on her own. What happened?! Did Bruce Sherman refuse to spend money to improve the team further this off-season? Was Kim told that there would be cuts in some major departments? Turns out it was different...

Kim Ng declined her half of a mutual option for next season, despite Bruce Sherman picking up the team's end. It was revealed that Sherman was planning to hire a President of Baseball Operations above Kim. That was the reason why Kim declined her half of the option. As it turned out, the reason why Sherman wants a PBO is Kim's poor draft record. Bruce Sherman is 100% correct with that thought process.

Kim's draft record has been poor to say the least. The farm system has declined under her supervision and her draft picks were pretty poor. Jacob Berry (6'th pick in 2022) is turning into a bust; Kahlil Watson (16'th pick in 2021) has been traded after becoming a bust; Joe Mack (31'st pick in 2021) has so far batted .217/.324/.303 throughout his Minor League career.

Kim Ng's tack record in free agency has been abysmal as well: Avisail Garcia, Johnny Cueto, Jean Segura. She did of course sign Jorge Soler, but the injury-prone slugger only delivered in one of his two seasons on the team. Ng also changed her strategy mid-season in 2023, going from a contact heavy approach to a low contact/power approach. The trades were good, but she wouldn't have had to change her approach if she made the right moves from the beginning.

Bruce Sherman was right to want someone to oversee Kim Ng's work, and we should acknowledge that. Kim Ng was wrong to refuse accountability for her mistakes and walk out on the fans and the team.

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