Where does the Miami Marlins farm system currently stand?

Xavier Edwards
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Having an elite farm system is key to having sustained success in the Major Leagues. It wasn't long ago that the Miami Marlins had a strong farm system in fact. Things have not been looking good on that front lately. We now have a better idea. of how The Fish's farm system ranks as a whole compared to the other Major League teams. Where does it rank? What does it mean for the future? Has Kim Ng built a good farm?

The Miami Marlins farm system may be in trouble.

Let's see how the list looks... the Baltimore Orioles remain at #1 since 2021 midseason, which is pretty impressive for them. Playing in the AL East and not being open to spending are an issue for them however. The Pittsburgh Pirates are #2, and as a small market team will badly need the farm to do its job. The Milwaukee Brewers are #3, with quite a jump from #25 just a few years ago, with all of their free agents next season this has to work out for them. The Chicago Cubs rose to #4 and so will be interesting to see going forward.

Continuing the NL Central's domination here are the Cincinnati Reds at #5. The Los Angeles Dodgers have fallen a few spots to #6, and the Tampa Bay Rays are right behind them at #7. The Washington Nationals alarmingly rose to #8, as their rebuild is nearing its end. The San Diego Padres revitalized their system and are now #9. The Texas Rangers are #10 and the New York Mets are alarmingly #11. The Arizona Diamondbacks no longer have a top 10 farm, falling to #12. The Detroit Tigers are #13 and #14 are the San Francisco Giants.

The Cleveland Guardians dropped from the top 10 to #15. The Boston Red Sox are #16, but thin in pitching. The Minnesota Twins, Colorado Rockies, Seattle Mariners and Chicago White Sox follow at #17, #18, #19 and #20. The New York Yankees have fallen to #21 and the St. Louis Cardinals to #22. The Philadelphia Phillies are at #23.

The Miami Marlins follow at #24. Yep, that's quite a fall from #3 a couple of seasons ago. I do think that with so many new prospects, the system will rise by next season. The drop-off has been fueled by all of the prospect promotions and trade deadline trades.

What about the rest? The Toronto Blue Jays, Oakland Athletics, Atlanta Braves, Los Angeles Angels, Kansas City Royals and Houston Astros are #'s 25-30. The Miami Marlins farm system has declined, but it will certainly rise back up shortly due to all of the young talent in place.

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