More news on Kim Ng leaving the Miami Marlins

Kim Ng
Kim Ng / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

Earlier today, I wrote about the breaking news of the Miami Marlins parting ways with General Manager Kim Ng. We now have even more information about what happened. We're still trying to adjust to all of this information, but The Fish's "biggest free agent" is now gone, and the off-season will be drastically different. What is the new information about her departure?

The Miami Marlins need a new GM to replace the departing Kim Ng.

Kim Ng declined her side of her mutual option for next season with the Miami Marlins. Bruce Sherman on the other hand accepted his side, wanting to bring Kim back in her role for next season. It was revealed that Kim declined her side due to a disagreement with him over something to do with personnel moves. It turns out that Sherman wanted to hire someone above Kim as the President of Baseball Operations.

Kim didn't want to have someone above her, and so declined her aforementioned option. It makes sense from her perspective to do so. She just helped the Miami Marlins make the playoffs this season, so there was no reason for her to accept somewhat of a demotion. That said, was Sherman actually wrong on this?

The Miami Marlins underperformed last season, missing the playoffs by a significant margin despite expectations of being competitive. This was of course due to Kim Ng's own moves. This season, The Fish made the playoffs for the first time since 2020, and the first time in a full season since 2003.

The Fish making the playoffs this season is of course an accomplishment, however could no other GM be able to accomplish that? Is it possible that another GM could've led the team to the playoffs last season as well? Is Kim Ng the only GM capable of making the right moves to improve the team?

This has been Kim's first stint as general manager, and there's quite a few moves that The Fish still have to recover from. There's this and there's this. Kim Ng wasn't perfect as the Miami Marlins GM, and putting a more experienced executive above her makes perfect sense to m. It seems that Kim Ng chose her ego over The Fish's players and the fans.

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