Braxton Garrett's future with the Miami Marlins

What kind of future does he have with the team?
Braxton Garrett
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Braxton Garrett is finally back after dealing with some health issues prior to the season. There are more news regarding the Miami Marlins, but with Garrett back, it makes sense to think about how it affects the future. This season is basically lost at this point, so it's more about the long-term outlook of Garrett in the rotation, or even as a potential trade piece.

What will be Braxton Garrett's future with the Miami Marlins?

Braxton Garrett was never expected to be an ace or a front of the rotation starting pitcher. Garrett debuted in 2020 and delivered a 5.87 ERA/8.15 FIP, with 9.4 K/9 and 5.9 BB/9 in 2 games and 7.2 innings pitched. The strikeout rate was very promising, but the control was obviously worrying. The performance was poor as well, but it was also a short sample site.

In 2021, Garrett pitched in 8 games and 88.0 innings pitched. He produced a 5.03 ERA/4.38 FIP this time around. The strikeout rate declined to 8.5 K/9, but his walk rate improved to 5.3 BB/9. Could he improve further? In 2022, Garrett finally improved to a 3.58 ERA/3.56 FIP, with 9.2 K/9 and 2.5 BB/9 in 17 games and 88.0 innings pitched. This was an even bigger improvement and showed that he has potential to be more than a depth piece, that he basically was at the time.

Braxton Garrett finally broke out last season. He delivered a 3.66 ERA/3.68 FIP, with 8.8 K/9 and 1.6 BB/9, in 31 games and 159.2 innings pitched. This was the season that he needed to look like an important cog in the rotation. He had a left shoulder impingement that prevented him from pitching to start the season. He finally made his long-awaited return.

On Sunday, in the 7-6 extra innings win over the Philadelphia Phillies, Garrett pitched for 5.1 innings. In those innings, he gave up 5 runs on 5 hits, with a home run among them. He only gave up 2 walks however and accumulated an impressive 8 strikeouts. He was credited with a 3.70 FIP and a 2.06 xFIP for this performance. His ERA is an unsightly 8.44 and his fastball is surprisingly "slow" at only 90.7 mph.

Braxton Garrett is under control through the 2028 season and is only making $732,000 this season. If he can replicate or improve on last season's production, he's either a strong mid-rotation starter or a very valuable trade piece.

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