Can Miami Marlins OF Jonathan Davis keep this up?

Jonathan Davis
Jonathan Davis / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins and Detroit Tigers recently made a depth trade. It was a pretty under the radar deal, and certainly not as big as a terrible trade between the two teams in the past (for The Fish at least). New Miami Marlins OF Jonathan Davis was actually getting a haircut when he was getting traded. He's since been batting .857/.889/.1.571 in 3 games and 9 AB, (yes you read that batting line correctly). What can we expect?

Jonathan Davis has been great for the Miami far.

Jonathan Davis is a 31 year old career backup OF, that never really received much playing time. Certainly not as a starter. He debuted as a 26 year old with the Toronto Blue Jays in 2018. He batted .200/.259/.240 in 20 games and 25 AB. In 2019, he followed up that abysmal performance with a .181/.266/.265 batting line in 37 games and 83 AB. Things didn't get much better for him in 2020. He batted .259/.364/.444 in 13 games and 27 AB during the shortened season.

Davis split 2021 between the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees, and batted .126/.252/.172 in 64 games and 87 AB. Any hope for a breakout from 2020 seems to have been extinguished at this point. In 2022, he batted .224/.344/.237 in in 37 games and 76 AB with the Milwaukee Brewers. It certainly didn't loo good for him, but so far this season with the Miami Marlins, he's batting .857/.889/.1.571 in 3 games and 7 AB.

Can Jonathan Davis keep tis up? Well he obviously won't be able to keep this batting line up. He has an 87.2 Exit Velocity and his strikeout rate is 26.2%. His career walking rate is 10.3%. Those marks are at 11.1% and 22.2% this season. It's obvious that those marks will go down, but can he still hit at an above average rate? I just don't see it to be honest. I do however think that he can stay on this hot streak for a while, and that's good enough for me for the time being at least. It's better than what we expected.

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