Miami Marlins and Detroit Tigers make a trade

Kim Ng
Kim Ng / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins and the Detroit Tigers came together on a trade. I still cringe thinking of a more famous trade between the two teams. This time it's more of a depth move due to The Fish's OF injuries. Minor League OF Brady Allen is leaving and coming in is Minor League OF Jonathan Davis. It's strictly a depth move as I said, but let's take a minute to get to nknow who these players even are.

The Miami Marlins and Detroit Tigers traded with each other.

Let's start with the departing Brady Allen. Allen is 23 years old and was a fifth round pick from 2021. He batted .250/.340/.376 in 154 games and 545 AB, with 11 home runs and 74 RBI. He didn't really look like he was ever going to make it to the Major Leagues. The OBP is pretty good as you can see, but he doesn't hit well for power or contact. This season, he's actually hitting .256/.324/.440 in 37 games and 125 AB in A+.

Jonathan Davis isn't a star either, but can at least serve as Major League OF depth. The 31 year old debuted in 2018 with the Toronto Blue Jays. He batted .200/.259/.240, with 0 home runs and 0 RBI in 20 games and 25 AB. He played from 2018-2020 with the team, and batted .200/.286/.296 in 70 games and 135 AB. He split 2021 between Toronto and the New York Yankees. He batted a combined .126/.252/.172 in 64 games and 103 AB. Davis played for the Milwaukee Brewers in 2022 and batted .224/.344/.237, with 0 home runs and 4 RBI in 37 games and 76 AB.

Jonathan Davis is neither a good hitter or defender, but he can play in the Major Leagues. This is the reason why Kim Ng made this trade. This isn't a move that's going to change the course of the season for either team, it's a move that's going to give the Miami Marlins depth. The Detroit Tigers on the other hand get a "lottery ticket" that might be useful if things go better than expected.

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