Don't believe this ridiculous theory about the Miami Marlins

There are some crazy conspiracy theories out there
Bruce Sherman
Bruce Sherman / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages

We're still learning about the plan that Bruce Sherman has for the Miami Marlins. It's clear that Peter Bendix was brought in to emulate the success of the Tampa Bay Rays. What's not clear is just how much The Fish will ultimately be spending. It's widely believed that it won't be much and that the team will be expected to be built from the Draft. There are fans out there who think that the tam will actually relocate.

The Miami Marlins are not leaving Miami unlike some theories online.

Social media can be great for connecting with fellow fans and players. It can however produce some crazy theories. One such theory is that MLB may end up relocating the Marlins to a different city. Let's get something clear, it is true that the Oakland Athletics are moving to Las Vegas. It's also true that the Tampa Bay Rays have been rumored to be moving for a while too.

The problem with all of this thinking is that Miami is bigger deal than both Tampa and Oakland. It's a bigger market and a bigger cultural center. Miami also has teams in all of the other major sports leagues. There's the Miami Dolphins in the NFL, the Miami Heat in the NBA, the Florida Panthers in the NHL and of course Inter Miami in the MLS.

Can you really imagine Rob Manfred being OK with Miami no longer having an MLB team? It just doesn't make any sense at all. It would be a humiliating blow to the entire league. The obvious solutions to the Marlins' attendance and payroll issues, is to start consistently winning and potentially having a new owneship group. I don't know how likely the latter really is, but consistently winning can be a distinct possibility.

I know, I know, the Miami Marlins are not winning much this season, but with the right management it's really not impossible to see that happen. Tampa was a terrible team for a decade, before they started to become the team that we know them today. Quite literally in fact, as they used to be known as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Anyway, the Miami Marlins are not leaving Miami.

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