Exciting Miami Marlins prospect news

Xavier Edwards
Xavier Edwards / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

A Miami Marlins hitter was just nominated for the 2023 National League Hank Aaron award. This is welcome news after the unfortunate news just a few days earlier. There are more positive news to come too, specifically about some of The Fish's prospects. Let's take a look at these news, and see what is on the way in the Minor Leagues.

There are some interesting Miami Marlins news regarding the team's prospects.

Xavier Edwards has broken out with the Miami Marlins this season. He batted .295/.329/.333, with 0 home runs and 3 RBI in 30 games and 78 AB. He certainly earned himself a spot on The Fish's roster in 2024. It remains to be seen if he'll end up in the starting lineup, but he'll certainly be expected to take steps forward from the bench. The young second baseman received an award for his performance this season.

Edwards batted an impressive .351/.429/.457, with 7 home runs and 47 RBI in 93 games and 370 AB. It was this impressive performance in AAA that led to his promotion to the Major Leagues. It also is why he was chosen to be on the AAA All-Star team this season. It's a well-deserved honor for the blossoming next Miami Marlins star.

Xavier Edwards isn't the only Minor League All-Star for The Fish. The other AAA All-Star is none other then righty relief pitcher Anthony Maldonado. Maldonado has been excellent in AAA this season. He produced a 1.62 ERA in 37 games and 50.0 innings pitched. He also had 78 strikeouts and 21 walks in a well-deserved All-Star performance. He was also selected to the AAA All-Star team for this season.

I wouldn't be surprised if Anthony Maldonado receives a promotion to the Major Leagues in the 2024 season. SS Nasim Nunez may not receive that call-up and was not selected to the AAA All-Star team this season (as he plays in AA of course). That said, the 2023 Futures Game MVP has been improving in the Fall League This is very promising for the #17 Miami Marlins prospect. He had a .224/.341/.286 batting line in AA this season.

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