Fun bet between two Miami Marlins players will make you laugh

Declan Cronin and Jesus Luzardo made a fun bet
Jesus Luzardo
Jesus Luzardo / Orlando Ramirez/GettyImages

These days whenever Miami Marlins SP Jesus Luzardo is in the news, it's with trade rumors. Trade ideas are out there and they can surely help the team. Of course, I would prefer if he stayed with the team long-term, despite his struggles this season. That said, while he's still on the team he's apparently making fun bets with fellow pitcher reliever Declan Cronin.

Two Miami Marlins pitchers are making fun bets to pass the time.

Declan Cronin and Jesus Luzardo are both big hockey fans. If you haven't noticed our very own Florida Panthers are in the Stanley Cip Finals, ready to defeat the Edmonton Oilers for the Stanley Cup. Prior to this, Florida played the New York Rangers in the Eastern Conference Finals. This is where the aforementioned fun bet comes in....

Jesus Luzardo was raised in Parkland, FL and is a big Florida Panthers fan. He must naturally be thrilled to learn that the team are the favorites to win the Stanley Cup this season. On the way there, Florida eliminated the New York Rangers, who happen to be Declan Cronin's favorite NHL team. Cronin is from Glen Ridge, NJ (a short distance from New York City) and so is a Rangers fan.

The bet was that if the Panthers eliminated the Rangers, Cronin would be forced to wear a Panthers jersey! If the Rangers won instead, then Luzardo would have to wear a Rangers jersey. Well... since the Panthers won, Cronin had to put on a more fitting jersey for someone playing in Miami! Luzardo commented on this to Bally Sports Florida:

"He was a good sport about it. We'd have a little trash talk back and forth.”

Cronin has a comment as well:

“Luckily, I warned them ahead of time that they might see some pictures that don't really show who I am deep inside. I'm sure I'll get a decent amount of flack from my buddies.”

Sadly, Cronin won't be cheering for the Panthers in the finals:

“I don't really feel like rooting for them. I think it'd be cool to see the Oilers win, to be honest. I just love McDavid so much, and it's been since like '93 that a Canadian team won, which is also kind of funny if they didn't. It's all good. I just hope it's a good series.”

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