Roster shaking Marlins trade idea for the Trade Deadline

What if the Miami Marlins made a trade with the Chicago Cubs?
Jesus Luzardo
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Let me get something out of the way first, I suggested some trades in the past involving starting pitcher Jesus Luzardo, BUT I don't actually want him traded. In an ideal world the Miami Marlins would extend him instead. I'm living in reality however and that means that there's a strong possibility that he's indeed traded. If he is, then why not shoot high? How about targeting the likes of Chicago Cubs OF prospect Owen Caissie?

Should the Miami Marlins trade Jesus Luzardo to the Chicago Cubs?

Once again, I certainly don't want this to happen. That said, assuming that the Miami Marlins are not in playoff contention by the Trade Deadline, and an extension isn't in the cards.... why not use him to restock the team's farm system? There's enough pitching depth, that The Fish can stomach the loss. The important thing here is the return of course, as well as the reason for the trade.

The Chicago Cubs are trying to make the playoffs and win their division, as they're locked in a tight division race with the Milwaukee Brewers. They could use another top of the rotation starting pitcher to put him over the top, Jesus Luzardo is exactly that type of pitcher.

The reason for the Miami Marlins is that Luzardo is a free agent in tow years and with all of the current starting pitching, may not be an immediate extension candidate. The Fish could target OF Owen Caissie. Caissie is the #36 prospect in the Majors and the #2 prospect in Chicago's system.

Caissie is expected to be called up next season. He has this said about him on

"Caissie already generates some of the highest exit velocities in the game and his raw power earns top-of-the-scale grades from some evaluators. The bat speed from his left-handed swing and the projectable strength and leverage in his 6-foot-3 frame could translate into 35-40 homers per season as he continues to pull and lift pitches more frequently and makes adjustments at the plate."

Owen Caissie is currently batting .289/.419/.430 in AAA. Can you imagine if he ends up being a 30 home run hitter in the Majors? He would be a great centerpiece in a trade between the Miami Marlins and Chicago.

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