Miami Marlins farm news are not very pleasant to say the least

The Fish's farm system is potentially facing some serious issues

Jacob Berry
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Remember when we took a look at the Miami Marlins farm system last year? Things are not looking better as we enter the 2024 season unfortunately. It doesn't help that the team is dealing with new injuries either. How does The Fish's farm rank when compared to the divisional rivals? How does it look in general? Is there hope on the horizon?

The Miami Marlins farm system may be in serious trouble!

Do you remember when the Miami Marlins had a top 5 farm system only a few years ago? Well....let's hope that Peter Bendix can get us back to that point. The current farm system ratings, including the ones I linked to from, are not very positive to say the least.

Let's take a quick look at The Fish's division rivals and their farm system ratings. The Washington Nationals are ranked 12'th with a bunch of top OF prospects leading the way. They actually dropped a bit from being #8 last year, but are still rated pretty highly. Washington happen to have the highest rated NL East farm system.

The New York Mets are right below at #13. They improved quite a bit from #22 two years ago. SS/2B Luisangel Acuna stands out to me especially. It's not logical, but the Mets are great at finding ways to fail despite high expectations, so I'm not too worried about the status of their farm.

The Philadelphia Phillies are #22 with some interesting prospects such as RHP Andrew Painter (who is currently injured). The fact that they're ahead of The Fish too is alarming. That said, their farm has been ranked in the 20's for a few years now.

The Atlanta Braves are down at #26 with RHP A.J. Smith-Shawver standing out. It doesn't seem to matter where they're placed as they're currently the frontrunners in the least until they lose to Philly in the playoffs, which is their current annual tradition.

The Miami Marlins are at an abysmal #29 spot, with RHP Noble Meyer the lone top 100 prospect on the team. This is worrying news and my only hope is that Peter Bendix will rapidly improve the system.

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