Here’s how the Marlins benefit from Orioles-Brewers Corbin Burnes Trade

Fish fans are thankful they didn't make that trade with Luzardo
Oct 3, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Miami Marlins starting pitcher Jesus Luzardo (44)
Oct 3, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Miami Marlins starting pitcher Jesus Luzardo (44) / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Marlins have been looking for a starting shortstop and the Baltimore Orioles starting pitching. The Marlins have a wealth of pitching and so they were likely trade partners with the Orioles and it was reported they were in trade discussions to start the new year. Now fans learn that perhaps Peter Bendix wisely passed up on any trade opportunity with the Orioles if the return is what the Brewers just acquired for Corbin Burnes. 

The Orioles trade for Corbin Burnes, leaving a huge gap in the Brewers rotation the Marlins could help fill

The Marlins top starter in 2024 Jesus Luzardo or solid young starter Edward Cabrera were both potentially trade asks of the Baltimore Orioles who were looking for starting pitching. Now that the Orioles have acquired Brewers starter Corbin Burnes for shortstop prospect Joey Ortiz, the 34th pick in the 2024 draft, and young reliever D.L. Hall. 

Joey Ortiz is a defensive minded shortstop and doesn’t add much pop to the lineup. He would be a serviceable shortstop for the Marlins but not worth losing a prime young starter or even a number 5 starter. The Marlins thankfully didn’t made that trade but they may now benefit from it after all. Are the Brewers now in selling mode and looking to offload big contracts for prospects?

The Orioles were likely looking for a top starter and wouldn't have done that trade for Cabrera and there is no way the Marlins were going to deal Jesus Luzardo for that package. That is more of a rebuilding package than a we are competing now deal and Luzardo still has multiple years of control. The Marlins are looking to add to their roster with quality in 2024 to return to the playoffs and offloading their top starter would not help in that cause.

The Miami Marlins could make a strong play for Willy Adames for some prospects, maybe Edward Cabrera if they are trying to fill the vacant pitching spot left by Corbin Burnes. The 28 year old Adames will be a free agent in 2025 and the Marlins could capitalize on his final year and acquire him for cheap. Bendix is familiar with Adames and hopefully that could lead to a future contract. 

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