How did the Miami Marlins really do in the draft?

Noble Meyer
Noble Meyer / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins drafted Noble Meyer with the team's first round pick. Some other notable prospects were taken with the other picks. We analyzed all of those picks earlier, but what about the big picture? Was it a good draft for The Fish overall? had something to say about this...

The Miami Marlins had a pretty good draft according to

The Fish have a mediocre farm system these days unfortunately. It's therefore not surprising that the team needed a big draft to improve the farm. I've got some good news for you.... thinks that the Miami Marlins had the sixth best draft haul! This is great news of course and should raise the overall farm system rankings. We'll be sure to update the team's farm system ranking once it's out.

Who are the five farm systems above the Miami Marlins? I'm not going to go in-depth about them, but number one is the Cincinnati Reds. They definitely got a good haul of prospects, including two College World Series stars. The San Francisco Giants are second, after taking four players from MLB Pipeline's draft rankings. That's worrying, as they may be getting even more resources, considering they will soon have the entire Bay Area to themselves.

A pair of AL Central teams are third and fourth. The Minnesota Twins are third and the Detroit Tiges are fourth. Minnesota really benefited from winning the first ever lottery for picks. Both teams got nice hauls, with Detroit getting a couple good high school bats. The Seattle Mariners were fifth with three picks in the top 30. Good for them, as they haven't been able to win the World Series in the entire history of the franchise.

The Miami Marlins are sixth and I'm happy to report that. Pitchers Noble Meyer (#10) and Thomas White (#35) received high praise. I question both being high school pitchers as a good thing, but you neve know. I definitely hope that they work out and make it to the big leagues. First baseman Brock Vradenburg was described as a "line dive machine". OF Kemp Alderman is praised for his hard hitting too. I'm much higher on those two oter than the pitchers.

Pitchers Emmett Olson, Andrew Lindsey and Justin Storm received some prise too. I'm definitely hopeful that the Miami Marlins live up to this projection, or even end up having the best haul in this draft.

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