Important news on Miami Marlins starting pitchers

Eury Perez
Eury Perez / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Last week I talked about starting pitcher workloads and earlier about extensions that The Fish should give out. We now have updates on some starting pitchers. Who are the starting pitchers? I'm talking about the injured Trevor Rogers and rookie of the year contender Eury Perez. When can we expect Trevor to return to the Major League mound? Should we be concerned with Eury's innings going forward? Let's begin...

The Miami Marlins are closely monitoring Trevor Rogers and Eury Perez

Trevor Rogers was elite in 2021 with a 2.64 ERA/2.55 FIP in 25 games and 133.0 innings pitched. He failed to follow that up in 2022, delivering a disappointing 5.47 ERA/4.35 FIP in 23 games and 107.0 innings pitched. It turned out that a back injury was responsible for his issues. He started off this season slowly as well, but was pitching like an ace in his last pre-injury starts.

Trevor didn't make his scheduled rehab start on Saturday. The reason was apparently an issue with his non-throwing shoulder. The Miami Marlins are now waiting for medical results to see what to do with him next. This is very disappointing news, as earlier it seemed that he was on his way back sooner rather than later. He currently has a 4.00 ERA/4.11 FIP in 4 games and 18.0 innings pitched. Let's hope that he'll be fine and ready to pitch very soon.

In other news, Eury Perez is on an innings limit. He has already delivered 60 innings between AAA and the Major Leagues. He pitched 77 innings last season. Eury currently has a 2.17 ERA/4.34 FIP with 9.3 K/9 and 4.0 BB/9 in 6 games and 29.0 innings pitched. Craig Mish from the Miami Herald says that he believes that the Miami Marlins will limit him to 100-115 innings. This gives him 38 innings for the rest of the season. If he goes for 5 innings in each remaining start, that gives him around 8 more starts the rest of the season.

I support giving Eury Perez an inning limit, so he can avoid injury and be an integral part of the rotation going forward. Trevor Rogers will hopefully get healthy and join him in the rotation as well.

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