Is Bryan Reynolds more likely for the Miami Marlins?

Bryan Reynolds
Bryan Reynolds / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins are looking for difference-making bats and for help in CF. There's a specific target that's been mentioned for a while now. I'm talking about Bryan Reynolds of course. There's been more information on Reynolds now and his situation as far as trades go is becoming more clear. It all started when Reynolds asked the Pittsburgh Pirates to trade him as this off-season started. Could a big trade be on the way for The Fish?

Bryan Reynolds could be getting closer to joining the Miami Marlins.

Bryan Reynolds doesn't want to play for the Pittsburgh Pirates anymore. He made that clear when his extension talks with Pittsburgh didn't seem to go anywhere. Reynolds asked to be traded and there was immediate buzz on his future. The problem here is that Pittsburgh isn't any closer to layoff contention, and Reynolds is a free agent in three years, at which point he's likely to leave the team as a free agent.

The Pittsburgh Pirates made it very clear that they had no intentions of trading him just because of his request. They said that they plan to build around him and keep him for as long as they can. They had a point. If they do indeed believe that they will be in the playoffs in the next few years, having their best hitter around is kind of important to say the least. They dodn't need to trade him until he's closer to free agency, and it becomes clear that he won't change his mind about an extension.

Speaking of said extension, that is the reason for all of the big news. It appears that Pittsburgh wanted to give him the richest contract that they ever gave to a player and he still turned them down. He wanted $50 million more than Pittsburgh was willing to give him. It's questionable if the annually cost-conscious Pittsburgh front office will actually be willing to top the already highest offer in team history.

Are the Miami Marlins now likelier to acquire Bryan Reynolds? I do think that our chances have improved significantly. It's been known that Pittsburgh wanted a starting pitcher in return, and it seems more and more that Reynolds will not be a part of Pittsburgh's future.

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