Will the Miami Marlins actually get Bryan Reynolds?

Bryan Reynolds
Bryan Reynolds / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins have what the Pittsburgh Pirates want for their star CF Bryan Reynolds. Pittsburgh wants starting pitching and guess who has been trying to trade one for months now. Will it actually happen this time? Will the Miami Marlins finally get our man? Let's analyze the situation and see how much of a chance the Miami Marlins have to land the slugger before Spring Training is once again upon us.

Bryan Reynolds may be heading to the Miami Marlins

Bryan Reynolds is in demand this off-season. He asked the Pittsburgh Pirates for a trade, and after first making it clear that they don't have to trade him, Pittsburgh seems to have change their tune. Reynolds has three years of control left at pretty affordable salaries, so it's obvious that he isn't hard to afford and that he has quite some time to help his new team. Pittsburgh can obviously still keep hm, but realistically there's no chance for an extension or contention for them in the next three years.

It's important to note that the Pittsburgh Pirates have all of the leverage. Despite almost certainly losing him to free agency in three years otherwise, they don't have to trade him now. They can wait until teams get more desperate and offer them more in return. Will his value drop due to him getting closer to free agency in the meantime? Yes, but they can still get a lot for him or make an another team overpay. Pittsburgh can certainly still get a haul for their CF.

Can the Miami Marlins afford to acquire Bryan Reynolds? Depending on what exactly Pittsburgh will demand, there's definitely an avenue to a deal here. Reynolds doesn't have a no-trade clause, so it's not as if he can just block a trade if he doesn't want to come here. Who knows? Maybe he would even like it here.

Will the Miami Marlins acquire Bryan Reynolds? Who knows at this point, but we have what Pittsburgh wants and the desire to get him. Maybe The Fish will finally land the bat that we so badly need.

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