Key Miami Marlins hitter is a victim of a bizarre accident

Luis Arraez
Luis Arraez / Rich Storry/GettyImages

It was an amazing final homestand of the season for the Miami Marlins. The Miami Marlins won two out of three against the Milwaukee Brewers, and now have two road series against the below .500 Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Mets. Unfortunately, there are also bad news regarding superstar second baseman Luis Arraez. This news also features the best closer in the game, Arraez's teammate Tanner Scott. Here's what bizarre event happened...

Miami Marlins second baseman Luis Arraez has been injured by closer Tanner Scott.

Luis Arraez has been having a season for the ages. He's batted .353/.392/.468 with 10 home runs and 69 RBI, in 146 games and 573 AB. He's been worth 4.8 WAR and deserves to get some National League MVP votes. I really hope that he still has some more in his bat to give us down the stretch. Having him leading off the lineup will be crucial in the Miami Marlins making the playoffs this season.

Can you believe how he got injured? It's something that has to be heard to be believed! Arraez has already had a twisted ankle during Saturday's game, but the problems sadly didn't end there. The second baseman was walking down the dugout steps after the eighth inning, when a horrible accident took place.

Closer Tanner Scott was making his entrance, and the lights were dimmed at loanDepot Park to start it. This led to Arraez slipping on the dugout steps! This led to a worsening of the injury for the hitter. Arraez had this to say about this yesterday:

It’s frustrating because I need to play….The good thing is I’ve got the day off tomorrow, and then let’s see how I feel the next day".

Hopefully Luis Arraez will be fine come Tuesday, as the Miami Marlins begin a crucial road trip that will decide if the team makes the playoffs. Arraez will be vital to the lineup and The Fish's chances. It also means that Arraez should be careful walking down the stairs, and possible not doing so when he can't see where he's walking.

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