Kim Ng failed as the GM

Kim Ng
Kim Ng / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

I talked about this in the past, but never imagined that it would get this bad. Remember when Miami Marlins GM Kim Ng completely botched the trade deadline? It's now become a signature of her reign as our GM, she doesn't do anything and then makes excuses for it. Things are now getting unbearable and we can't even expect her to fix the situation that she created herself in the first place. What does the future hold for The Fish with Kim in charge of fixing the team?

Kim Ng should be fired as the Miami Marlins GM and replaced with someone experienced.

As free agents started flying off the board, even ones that were seemingly signing deals that the Miami Marlins could afford, Kim Ng preached patience to the fans. She assured us that the team would look a lot different come Opening Day. Was that believeable? Well, there's still the trade market and the possibility of a pitching for hitting trade loomed hard all off-season.

December is about to turn to January and not a single trade of a starting pitcher for hitting has been done by Kim Ng. Not one. Other teams aren't sitting on their hands in the meantime, the New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays, Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers, Chicago White Sox all added starting pitchers via free agency. All were potential trade partners. Not anymore at this point.

So who is left? Well, the Arizona Diamondbacks still have a surplus of outfielders, the Tampa Bay Rays could use an arm, the Baltimore Orioles might consider it, the Colorado Rockies have interest... are we confident that anything will happen though? I'm certainly not confident that Kim will actually pull off a good trade for us at this point.

As was evident since the trade deadline, Kim Ng is hesitant to make moves. I suspect that she's so scared of making a mistake, that she makes a bigger one by doing nothing instead. Inactivity can be just as bad as making a bad trade. She sat on her hands at the trade deadline, overvaluing Pablo López despite serious interest. She didn't make any big trade in fact, focusing on smaller moves. I remember saying that this was alarming, but I didn't realize that she would then mess up the off-season too.

Kim Ng is not a good GM for the Miami Marlins. In a division as hard as the NL East, we need someone experienced who isn't afraid to make a move and knows what they're doing. Kim hesitates due to fear of making a mistake and ends up doing nothing to improve the team. She needs to go, as at least this fan's patience has evaporated.

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