Marlins division rivals are facing a major roster downgrade

Pete Alonso is on his way out of the New York Mets
Pete Alonso
Pete Alonso / Rich Storry/GettyImages

It appears that the Miami Marlins may soon be trading some players, due to the way the season is going. The Fish are trying to improve the farm system but so are the team's division rivals... The New York Mets are dealing with a major issue: 1B Pete Alonso's upcoming free agency. They already offered him a 7 year/$158 million contract extension, but he refused it. What happens now?

Miami Marlins division rivals are having a serious issue with Pete Alonso.

It looks increasingly likely that the Miami Marlins will not be making the playoffs this season. The Fish aren't the only ones, the Mets don't look like a playoff team either. Combine that with Alonso's rejected extension offer and his agent Scott Boras... it doesn't look good for the Mets' chances of keeping him.

Pete Alonso is an average defender at a non-premium position of first base. He's not a threat on the basepaths and doesn't hit well for average either. As an example, he batted just .217/.318/.504. He also strikes out quite a bit. The one thing that he does have is elite power. He's easily a top five power hitter in the Major Leagues. Putting aside the shortened 2020 season, he never hit less than 37 home runs in a season since he debuted in 2019.

Looking ahead to the Trade Deadline, teams that might need first base help and are in contention: the Minnesota Twins, Houston Astros (if they're in contention), Baltimore Orioles, Seattle Mariners and possibly the New York Yankees. The trade between the two New York teams is unlikely though and depends on the Bronx Bombers parting ways with Anthony Rizzo.

I fully expect Pete Alonso to be traded at the Trade Deadline, unless the Mets start playing significantly better. He's not signing an extension mid-season, and they can always just try to bring him back in free agency. Speaking of free agency, it seems that the Mets have a price that they think that he's worth. A price that he thinks is too low. I could see the San Francisco Giants, the Los Angeles Angels, Seattle, and even the New York Yankees (if they don't re-sign Juan Soto) as his top suitors.

Steve Cohen can seemingly afford any player, but losing Pete Alonso will hurt the New York Mets, and help the Miami Marlins.

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