The Miami Marlins farm system on the new top 100 prospects list

The new top 100 prospects list has been released and it's eye-opening
Noble Meyer
Noble Meyer / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Peter Bendix was brought in to improve the Miami Marlins farm system. How's he doing so far? That's a polarizing issue for now. released the new updated top 100 prospects list and we can now have some idea. Where do The Fish stand? Is the situation better than earlier this season?

The Miami Marlins are trying to improve the barren farm system.

The Fish have a grand total of three prospects on the MLB top 100 prospects list. Two of those are actual prospects, while one is...not quite fit for that description to be honest. At #46 on the list is RHP Noble Meyer. Meyer is the #10 pick from last season's draft. Meyer's best pitch is his slide, which can dominate batters at will. He does seem to overuse it, which could cause him problems down the line. He also has a great fastball and a very good slider. He has the potential to be an ace down the line.

Noble Meyer has advanced tools for his young age, and might make it to the team in the 2026 season. I'm definitely very high on him, despite not usually liking selections of high schoolers with top picks, I'm on board with what he brings to the table so far.

Another Meyer is at #84. It's actually SP Max Meyer, who will surely be called back up soon. I'm not even sure that he should be in the Minors right now. He also should be much higher on the list, producing a 2.12 ERA/3.72 FIP, with 7.4 K/9 and 1.6 BB/9 in 3 games and 17.0 innings pitched so far this season.

At #90 is is LHP Thomas White. He won't debut until the 2027 season (!), but he has the ability to be an ace, or at least a front of the rotation pitcher. I'm very excited about this and hope that that will be exactly what happens. He also has three great pitches (fastball, curveball and changeup) and has the size and growing strength to truly be a menace on the mound.

The Miami Marlins still don't have a very impressive farm, but things might be trending up following the next draft.

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