Demoting Max Meyer was a terrible mistake by the Marlins

A bizarre move by The Fish only frustrated the fanbase
Max Meyer
Max Meyer / Brennan Asplen/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins got a great start from returning starting pitcher Edward Cabrera. This was a bit of a consolation prize for losing the team's best performing starter this season. I'm of course talking about the topic of this article: Max Meyer. It's bad enough that there are new injuries, but losing Max Meyer is just incomprehensible. Let's take a look at what's going on....

Demoting Max Meyer sends a terrible message to Miami Marlins fans.

What should a team that's in the midst of the worst start to the season in franchise history do? If your answer is to demote your best performing starting pitcher, then you just might be Peter Bendix! Now, don't get me wrong...I still believe that Bendix knows what he's doing. At least I hope that he does based on his resume', but this is just plain ridiculous.

The Miami Marlins want to manage Max Meyer's workload. That's fine. How about doing a 6-man rotation? Or how about giving him less innings per start? Wouldn't those be better? How is he going to get better pitching to Minor League hitters when he's already having success against Major League ones?

I have no idea how demoting Meyer is supposed to be better for him than the options that I suggested. I also don't understand how you keep the fanbase suffering by demoting one of the season's few bright spots. Is the goal to discourage fans from going to the park? This appears to be such a tone deaf move that I'm struggling to find enough words to even explain it.

It seems to me that The Fish have already thrown in the towel on this season. I'm not saying that this is a pennant winning team, or even a playoff team at this point, but maybe don't do it in April? What is the thinking here?

I don't want to live on hope, yet I find myself constantly saying this exact same thing, how "I hope" that things are going to get better. The fanbase is waiting and it's time for the Miami Marlins to deliver.

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