The Miami Marlins are getting an important reinforcement

The Fish are getting important starting pitching help in the next few days
Edward Cabrera
Edward Cabrera / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

It's been a trying season for the Miami Marlins fanbase. It may even already be time to ponder the Trade Deadline, as well as definitely time to shake up the rotation. There's a reinforcement coming to the team in the form of Edward Cabrera. He is a former top prospect to still has upside, but also has downsides. The question is what to expect from him?

Edward Cabrera is coming back to the Miami Marlins rotation.

Edward Cabrera is a former top prospect from the once highly-ranked Miami Marlins farm system. His strikeout rate has always been pretty impressive. He does in fact have a career 10.1 K/9 rate. If he can continue this (and there's no reason to doubt that), he has the potential to dominate opposing lineups to an impressive extent.

The downside with Cabrera is his abysmal control. He has a 5.4 B/9 career rate, which has been the main thing stopping him from becoming a legitimate ace at the Major League level. If he can't control his walk rate on the other hand.... It seems to be an issue that he can't seem to shake. He had it under control in 2022, when he produced a 3.01 ERA, after lowering his walk rate down to 4.1. It was still a below average rate and probably not sustainable, based on his bloated 4.59 FIP.

What can we expect from Cabrera going forward? It's unclear. It can really go either way, with the logical expectation being that he'll likely be a solid mid-rotation arm at best. He can of course also end up pitching as a top of the rotation arm, or as a bottom of the rotation arm. It's just likeliest to predict something in the middle.

If Edward Cabrera doesn't work out in the rotation, he can always transition to the bullpen at some point. He can also be a trade candidate and bring in some much-needed hitting help. There's o many different potential outcomes, that it just doesn't seem possible to actually predict what will actually happen. Lost in all of this is the fact that this might be one of Edward Cabrera's final chances to prove that he can take things to the next level. In a bizarre move, Max Meyer was actually demoted to make room for him. Cabrera has been great in his first start yesterday, but let's see how the future goes.

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